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  1. I am the representative of my Lodge and of all Free and Accepted Masons. Whatever I do or say reflects directly upon myself and my fellow Freemasons everywhere and our good works.
  2. I am responsible for what my Lodge and Freemasonry represent. They can be no more than what my fellow Freemasons and I make them.
  3. I should not criticize what my fellow Freemasons do for Freemasonry unless I have a better suggestion and I am prepared to do it myself.
  4. I must remember that the fact that I bear the name, Master Mason or Freemason, is not enough. I must continue to be worthy.
  5. My fellow members and I are our Lodges and Freemasonry. Without our active support they cease to exist.
  6. My Lodge does me a favor by calling upon me. I am not doing the Lodge a favor by serving. It is both an obligation and a privilege to help the Lodge and Freemasonry.
  7. I should treat my fellow Freemasons with the same respect, honor, and understanding that I would like to receive from them.
  8. It is not a right to be a Freemason, it is an honor. I should respect that honor by abiding by all of the precepts of my Lodge, my Grand Lodge, and Freemasonry as a whole.
  9. Whatever differences my fellow Freemasons and I may have, we are all bound together by the bonds of our loyalty to The GAOTU, our families, the Lodge, and Freemasonry.
  10. The willing Master Mason and his understanding family are the lifeblood of the Lodge and Freemasonry.

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“To be a mason is be on the level and act by the square. Here at Masonic Vibes we are trying to bring all the Freemasons around the world, on the level-online as well. Our continuous Endeavor is to spread the vibe of Freemasonry and morality it teaches”.

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