Lebanon Lodge participates in the Gift of Life Program, which coordinates blood drives with Masonic Lodges throughout the state of Texas so patients receive the lifesaving gift they need.

Texas Masons began the Gift of Life Program 15 years ago in the North Texas area, and today, regional committees have expanded to Houston, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley. The facts are startling – a blood transfusion is needed every 90 seconds. The amount of blood needed increases during holidays and over the Summer months. Volunteer blood donors are the essential link to saving lives. Any annual surplus collected can be used in emergencies, both public and fraternal. The Gift of Life Program is part of a rich Masonic tradition of helping to meet healthcare needs.

Gift of Life benefits the three fraternal hospitals: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, the Shrine Burn Center in Galveston and the Shrine Orthopedic Hospital in Houston, as well as community hospitals throughout the state. The program encourages the Masonic Lodges of Texas to hold community blood drives and to direct the blood and blood products from these drives for the benefit of the three fraternal hospitals or a local community healthcare facility.

Masons’ blood drives benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas raised more than 5,100 units of blood in 2009 when we began this program. This charity allowed physicians to provide needed surgery and other treatments to the children and results in an annual cost-savings of over $200,000 to the Scottish Rite hospital. Lebanon Lodge contributed over 70 units from two blood drives in 2011, nearly 150 units in 2013, equal that amount in 2014, and the program is now going strong with four blood drives per year in Frisco.

You don’t have to wait for a blood drive to help! Go to any Carter BloodCare Center and say that you are donating blood on behalf of Lebanon Masonic Lodge #837 in Frisco.