On Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 7:30pm, Lebanon Lodge will continue its 3rd Tuesday Lecture Series.  This month’s subject will be Women in Freemasonry:  Speculative or Definitive?”  All Masons are welcome to attend.  Lodge will not be called to order, therefore spouses, guests and those interested in becoming Freemasons are also welcome to attend. 

This paper has been written and presented by Bro. Robert V. Killian, PM for E.L. Freeman Lodge in Pawtucket, RI.  The lecture will be performed for Lebanon Lodge by Bro. Matt Mladenka.

Secret societies have always held a fascination for both sexes, but throughout history, women have not always been treated equally within their ranks.  Some argue the age-old myth that “women cannot keep secrets” has plagued their acceptance and positions within these orders, or possibly the misleading notion itself has merely been exploited by those with an alternative agenda.  While its motives are purely conjecture, Masonic historians and writers continue to document women’s exclusion from the ranks of both Operative and Speculative Orthodox Masonry.  In spite of this limitation, barriers have been pierced on more than one occasion.

The lecture will discuss the origins and history of this sometimes heated topic, as well as explore the roles that women have played in the shaping of Freemasonry.