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Masonically affiliated groups that Masons or their relatives may join, such as the Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the Shriners.

BLUE LODGE - Any of the Lodges chartered under the Grand Lodge of Texas (or other Grand Lodge) and refers to the traditional color of regalia in lodges derived from English or Irish Freemasonry

DEGREE – One of three progressive stages of advancement in the lodge, conferred using a ritual ceremony; additional degrees are conferred by appendant bodies.

GRAND LODGE – A governing organization with authority over the individual lodges in its jurisdiction.

INITIATED – The 1st Masonic degree or Entered Apprentice.

MASONIC LODGE – A group of Freemasons assembling under the authority of a charter issued by a Grand Lodge; also a building or a room where Masons meet.

PASSED – The 2nd Masonic degree or Fellowcraft

RAISED – The 3rd Masonic degree or Master

SITTING IN THE EAST – The position in the lodge room where the Worshipful Master sits, also known as the Oriental chair; lodges are symbolically situated east and west.

SPECULATIVE – Freemasonry as practiced today, using the symbolism of Operative Masons to build character in men.

WORSHIPFUL MASTER – The Worshipful Master is the president or currently sitting presiding officer of a masonic lodge.  The “Worshipful” in the title refers to his service to God and others, rather than referring to the lodges status towards him or his position.

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