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The Masonic Lodge is the foundational organization unit of Freemasonry. It is comprised of a group of Freemasons, and resides under the Grand Lodge of its jurisdiction.

Lebanon Masonic Lodge is a Texas Masonic Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Texas.  A Grand Lodge issues charters for all Masonic Lodges to be official.

In Texas, all Masonic Lodges Chartered under the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas are A.F. & A.M. Masonic Lodges, which stands for Ancient Free & Accepted Masons.  The Masonic Grand Lodge is the highest authority of Masonry for its members, so there is nothing “higher” in Masonry than the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas for Texas Freemasons.


Lebanon Lodge was Chartered under the Grand Lodge of Texas in December of 1899. Lebanon is one of the fastest growing and most diverse Lodges in the state.


Every “Blue Lodge” or regular working Masonic Lodge in the world is made up of three primary Masonic Lodge Levels, or Degrees.  These are different stages of membership within the Freemason Society.

The three prime Lodge levels are the Entered Apprentice (EA), the Fellowcraft (FC), and the Master Mason (MM).  Each Lodge is divided up into three sub Lodges which are made up of each of these Masonic Lodge levels.

In other words, each Masonic Lodge is comprised of an Entered Apprentice Lodge, a Fellowcraft Lodge, and a Master Mason’s Lodge.  You must pass your Masonic Degrees to be admitted into the subsequent Masonic Degree and thus attendance for the higher Lodges is dependent on your participation, and advancement in the lower Lodges and Degrees.


All Texas Masonic Lodge’s are chartered with Lodge names and with Masonic Lodge Numbers.  Lebanon Masonic Lodge is Chartered as Masonic Lodge Number 837. Our number reflects that we are the 837th Masonic Lodge chartered in Texas.


Freemasons are free to believe just about whatever they want, which is why our membership is comprised of so many men of differing political views, religions, interests, and professions.  There is no “dogma” of official Masonic Lodge Beliefs as a unified ideology that we all follow.

That being said, there is a system or framework of Masonic beliefs that hold us all together as a global society, and which we can all loosely agree upon.  Those Masonic Lodge beliefs are:

  1. Belief in a higher power.  Lodges don’t define what that is, but to be a Freemason, you must believe that there is something higher than yourself.

  2. The immortality of the soul.  Masons do believe that the nature of their existence, will continue to exist, in some form, for all of eternity

  3. Brotherly love.  We are taught to love each other and all of human kind.

  4. Relief.  We believe that we should provide relief for this in a true need of it.

  5. Truth.  We believe that there are in fact universal truths, and that the rational mind can come to understand and know those truths, and it is the job of the rational seeker to pursue these truths.

So while Freemasons do not all collectively believe in the same religion, follow the same interpretation of God, agree on who they are going to vote for in the next election, or just about anything else for that matter, all Freemasons agree in these five basic understandings or Masonic Lodge beliefs of how to live and build a good life with one another.


If you are looking to join a Lodge, beware that unfortunately there are many conmen posing themselves as Grand Master’s and Grand Lodges.  Make sure the Masonic Lodge you look to petition for membership is recognized by other Jurisdictions, or else you will not be able to network with the regular Masons throughout the world.  Likewise, if you join a non-regular Masonic Lodge, or a clandestine Masonic Lodge, as Masons call them, then you may be scammed into joining an organization that does not have any knowledge of the Masonic Secrets.

If you join a non recognized lodge, you may also be conned into paying extremely high dues and degree fees, as well as be subjected to hazing.

Joining a Masonic Lodge is a noble experience and should be treated as such, so please do your research when searching for a Lodge to insure you join a regular and recognized Masonic Lodge.  You will want to make sure that you are joining a regular Blue Masonic Lodge and becoming a Blue Lodge Mason to enjoy all the benefits of Brotherhood.


Masonic Lodge membership is comprised of males that are of age to join a Freemason Lodge. In Texas joining a Lodge requires you to be at least 18 years of age, however in many circumstances, it is recommended that young men wait until they feel they are in a stable place in life before petitioning a Masonic Lodge.  Joining a Masonic Lodge is a huge responsibility, meant to be a lifetime of commitment and it is highly recommended that you fully know yourself, and who you want to be in life before requesting membership into a Lodge.

If you would like to become a Lodge member, you can fill out a Masonic Lodge application.  You will need five signatures of members of the Fraternity in order to be eligible to be voted upon for membership.  Masonry is not like most other organizations in the world today.  You will never be reached out to and asked to join.  you must reach out to Lodge members and ask of them to join.  Despite what people think, being asked to join a Lodge is actually a popular myth.  Freemasons are forbidden from “recruiting” membership or “evangelizing” for the Fraternity.

If you petition a Lodge, and are successfully admitted into this Great Society, you will be a Lodge Member upon receiving your Master Mason’s Degree, and you will be entitled to attend all regular Masonic Lodge Meetings, both at your Masonic Lodge, and elsewhere.

If you have any further questions about Masonic Lodge membership, you can reach out to us.

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